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          Youth Embraces a New Era 丨 No. 42 Middle School held a CCYL member congress themed "May 4th the Youth Day - Struggle for Communism for Life"
          Time:2018-5-8 10:28:49      Read:134      Translator:CCYL committee of No. 42 Middl

          On May 4, 1919, a group of young students, full of patriotic enthusiasm, called for immediate actions. The years passed, but the spirit stay. The CCYL member congress themed "May 4th youth day - Struggle for Communism for Life” is held on May 7, 2018.

          "I volunteered to join the Communist Youth League of China, strongly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China...” The member representatives made a vow together. Their passionate, powerful voice conveys their determination of every youth league member.

          After the oath, CCYL member representatives gave a speech themed on sand the song of CCYL: "we are the flowers in May, hug the era with youth; we are the rising sun, light future with our lives." 

          Next, the member representative made a speech with the theme of "Always listen to the party, always follow the party". It is our revolutionary predecessors who struggled yesterday and built us a wonderful today. In the process of speech, CCYL members revisited the party's course, felt the spirit of the party, and accepted the baptism of the spirit.

          Finally, the members had a lesson of the CCYL's glorious history. The Chinese communist youth league moves forward step by step, accompanied with tortuous process. Development is the eternal theme of the communist youth league.

          Through the congress, the members improved their sense of responsibility and mission, which will firm their faith of "following the party forever" and further enhance the appeal, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the youth league. CCYL members should take concrete actions to take responsibility, and to be good youth.

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