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          Head principals of Xinhua district held seminar of the 2018 college entrance examination in No. 42 Middle School
          Time:2018-5-4 20:37:59      Read:117      Translator:42 middle school

          The chief of Xinhua district education bureau, Zhang Hui held a conference of the entrance examination for secondary school or college on May 4, 2018 in No. 42 Middle School. He put forward some guidance from three aspects: First, to clarify the situation, keep in mind the mission, and strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission of trying best in the entrance examination of secondary school or college; Second, to prepare the test scientifically, coordinate comprehensively, and create a new situation; Third, to strengthen the awareness of cooperation, promote team spirit, seize the opportunity to broaden the train of thought, dig their own features, and build education brand.

          Director Zhang expected high school principals have enough understanding of the imbalanced education development and the deep-seated problems which restrict the development of the education in Xinhua district. He said the college entrance examination achievement is the corresponding target of education quality, the inspection test on the effectiveness of the education reform. It carries the leadership and parents’ expectations, and it attracts increasing attention from all sectors of society. It’s time to clear a new start, identify a new target, form a new luminescent spot, and create a new situation. Schools should discover new advantages of school, enhance new goals and roll up our sleeves to work harder.

          Vice-director Su Ruijie gave some suggestions from the perspective of setting goals and strengthening confidence. Director Sue advocates a classroom culture of "trust, respect, and cooperation". Teaching should cater for all the students; contain fundamental content, focus on teaching quality and increasing efficiency.  

          At the seminar, the principal of No. 42 Middle School, Li Yaqing, the principal of No. 28 Middle School, Dong Yangcheng, the principal of No. 35 Middle School, Shang Pingjun, and the principal of No. 18 Middle School, Wang Zhichen and other school leaderships of the district shared their ideas and innovations of preparing the college entrance examination in 2018. Based on the school condition, they introduced their ideas of improving the teaching quality, inspiring their sprits of unity and cooperation and discussed in-depth the concept of innovation, scientific management and practice process, which reflects the advanced ideas of school, responsibilities and pragmatic spirit in Xinhua district.

          Ning Mingwu, deputy director of teaching and research section of Xinhua district, chaired the meeting. He thought highly of the preparing work for the college entrance examination and stressed that after the meeting, he will unite with leaderships, based on the school, teaching, learning, science and the reference appendix, vigorously promote the implementation, and try to get good results in the university entrance exam of 2018 years.

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