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          Latest Articles
          Party Branch of Shijiazhuang 42 Middle School held Party Day activities
          Time:2018-7-2 10:17:59      Read:107      Translator:42 middle school

          In order to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Party and further implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, on the morning of July 1st, all the Party members of our school launched the "July 1st" theme party day activities on the first floor of the north auditorium.

          Comrade Ping Xingrui, Secretary of the Party General Branch, led all Party members to recall the history of the Party's development and conveyed the spirit of relevant notifications. Secretary Ping called on all Party members to enter the community, into the masses, and earnestly enhance the enthusiasm and level of serving the people.

          In order to celebrate the "July 1st " Party Building Festival, our school began to carry out the micro-party course activities in early April. After two months of preparation, with the active participation of all Party members, the school's party groups reported 17 micro-party Lesson Videos and PPT, after careful selection, and finally selected 6 outstanding works.

          In this exhibition, six comrades demonstrated the main contents of their respective micro-party lessons from the perspectives of their own work experience, the stories of outstanding Party members around them, the interpretation of the 19th National Congress report, the study of the government work report and the "Great, My Country", etc. Comrades have a sense of self occupation and a sense of faith in the great cause of the party and state. Ms. Li Yaqing and Mr. Ping Xingrui presented awards and prizes to six award-winning party members.

          The demonstration activities of micro-party course selection enriched the content of Party course education, innovated the form of Party course, realized the transformation from "listening to people" to "actively participating in the lecture"; improved the enthusiasm of Party members to learn, and enhanced the overall quality and learning vitality of Party members.

          In the end, the activities came to a close in reviewing the oath of joining the party and singing the Internationale together. This activity has made all the Party members of our school more firmly follow the party's path and serve the people much better.

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